Jaden Smith Gets Political on His 18th Birthday Song ‘Labor V2’

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jaden Smith is an adult! He can open a checking account, get a full-time job, and buy cigarettes at the bodega! And to celebrate his legal adulthood, he released a new song for his 18th birthday, “Labor V2.” On the track, the new face of Louis Vuitton once again addresses the perception the world has that he’s a rich fashion kid, but he also makes a litany of historical references to the black radical tradition, comparing himself to a Black Panther, Malcolm X, and Harriet Tubman. He raps, “Just because you see the melanin doesn’t mean I’m a felon / I’m here to show you the intelligence / What is the bullshit you’re selling them / They just want us all in jail and then they can take away our right to vote and use the free labor.”

Listen to Jaden Smith’s 18th Birthday Song