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Gotta Adapt ’Em All: A Live-Action Pokémon Movie Is Reportedly in the Works (Again)

Photo: Pokémon USA

Well, this should make aiming those Pokéballs a little easier: In the wake of Pokémon Go’s apocalyptic success, it looks like Hollywood is going to grow your favorite Pokémon into a much bigger target: the size of a silver screen. Deadline reports that a live-action Pokémon film is in the works, with studios clamoring for the rights to the Poké-property. Nothing official is set yet, but Deadline suggests that Legendary Pictures is close to a deal. There have been rumors of a live-action Pokémon movie for years, not to mention a history of animated films (Pokémon: The First Movie — Mewtwo Strikes Back can teach a girl a thing or two about stoic philosophy), but the success of the mobile game looks like it was the push needed to get this thing Pokémon Go-ing. No word yet on what components of the game will be adapted for the movie, but if you’re looking for a Pokéstop, may we suggest giving your local multiplex a whirl?

Live-Action Pokémon Movie Will Reportedly Happen