lollapalooza 2016

Malia Obama, America’s Coolest Teen, Spent Her DNC at Lollapalooza

First Family Returns To White House From Martha's Vineyard Vacation
Did you rage next to Malia? Photo: Getty Images

What’s the best way to kick off your pre–Ivy League gap year while mom and dad are at the Democratic National Convention? Uh, duh. It’s called Lollapalooza, the festival of choice for America’s Coolest Teen, Malia Obama. The 18-year-old was once again spotted front and center in the Lolla crowds on Thursday, the same day Hillary Clinton formally accepted her party’s nomination to run for president. (Malia previously attended the festival in 2014 to stan for Chance the Rapper.) But, look, if given the choice between seeing Cashmere Cat with a bunch of randos and Secret Service (in casual wear!) and hearing a speech she no doubt already had a draft of in her inbox, it’s no contest. She’s just biding her time until Michelle 2020.

Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza Again