Man Pulls Gun on Child for Kicking His Seat During a Star Trek Screening

Chris Pine in Star Trek Beyond. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Police in Kentucky intend to bring charges against a man who reportedly brandished a gun at a child and his father in a screening of Star Trek Beyond, the Paducah Sun reports. According to the Paducah Police Department, the altercation took place after the boy repeatedly kicked the back of the man’s seat: “Witnesses said the man got up and cursed the youth, asking if he was going to continue kicking his seat. The boy’s father interceded and a fight broke out between the two men.” During the fight, the man allegedly pulled the gun, prompting many theatergoers to flee. Police say the man was eventually escorted from the theater, where he was arrested and banned from the Cinemark chain of movie theaters. He is expected to be charged Monday.

Man Pulls Gun on Child in Star Trek Screening