Matt Damon Is ‘Totally Fine’ With Eventually Being Sent to Big Farm Upstate Where He Can Run With All the Other Old Jason Bournes


For to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time for getting super-jacked and eating gelatinous weight-loss cubes, a time for passing the torch and making some other 20-something actor wail on assassins nine hours a day. During his South Korean press tour for the upcoming Jason Bourne, Matt Damon was almost enthusiastic about his inevitable successor to the action franchise, noting that after 14 years he’s “definitely going to be replaced some day by some new young Jason Bourne. That happens to everybody and they reboot these things, and that’s totally fine.” Praising the series’ creative team, including director Paul Greengrass, Damon observed, “It’s difficult when you’re 45 compared to when you’re 29, but you still have to run as fast as you can. That part was a challenge, but to get to revisit the people was wonderful. But I said, let’s smell the roses, as we say, and appreciate that we get to be here together, and make sure we have fun [especially because it was so tense on the set for the other films].” Don’t worry, guys! They say the farm has all sorts of cows and chickens for him to play with, and a really nice couple to look after him. Oh, he’s going to just love it there.

Matt Damon ‘Fine’ With a New, Younger Bourne