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Chris Matthews Asked Michael Che Who the ‘Funniest Black Guy’ Is During Weird, Rambling RNC Chat

Let this be a lesson to us all: When you are given vacation time, take it. Michael Che and Colin Jost were on hiatus from their Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor gigs when the duo decided they just had to cover the RNC. Part of those duties apparently included chatting with Chris Matthews, where things got regrettable and then just plain odd. Matthews almost starts things off innocently enough, asking Che: “What do you think, funniest guy?” before then clarifying that he wants Che’s take on the “funniest black guy.” (Matthews’s pick is Chris Rock, though we’d like to see him try to name his top five.) Che, for his part, responded by calling out Matthews as circumspectly as he could, answering: “I’m going to say Cosby so nobody gets mad at you. Now that’ll be the headline.” From there, we learned that Matthews possibly believes that Bill Cosby is dead … of Che’s response, he said: “Say nothing bad about the dead. You know, you’re not supposed to do that.” “You know what I mean,” added Matthews. No sir, we do not.

Matthews Asked Che Who the Funniest Black Guy Is