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Max Landis Doesn’t Mind Some Stink, is Writing a Pepé Le Pew Movie

WIRED Cafe At Comic-Con 2016
Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images

Of all the Looney Tunes characters to receive a feature-length animated film in the 21st century Pepé Le Pew is a mysterious choice, and not in a romantic, sexy sort of way. Yet, Max Landis, the screenwriter behind Victor Frankenstein and Chronicle, announced at Comic-Con that he is doing just that for Warner Brothers. The adaptation seems controversial because, beyond feeding children the lie that there are skunks in France, the rather “persistent” (read: predatory) nature of the “amorous” (read: lascivious) character and his refusal to take no for an answer when “wooing” (read: harassing) Penelope the cat is, well, creepy. Beyond setting a bad example, his quotes aren’t nearly as repeatable as, What’s up, Doc?” or “I’m hunting wabbits.” Does any parent want to hear their child put on a French accent and say lines like, “Everyone should have a hobby, and mine is making love”? Though, that being said, the movie probably makes as much sense as the slated Speedy Gonzales feature.

Max Landis Is Writing a Pepé Le Pew Movie