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Melissa McCarthy, Bill Hader, and Jeff Goldblum Try (and Fail) to Audition for Young Han Solo

Approximately 3,000 (!) actors auditioned for the coveted role of a young Han Solo for Disney’s forthcoming origin film, and Conan has now given us a rare glimpse into the confidential Star Wars audition process — as various A-listers don their finest vests and wigs to land the role of a lifetime. Will Arnett? Pronounces “Han” incorrectly. Bill Hader? He’s a little too youthful. Melissa McCarthy? Believes the word “parsecs” is actually “parsnips.” (Jeff Goldblum, as always, knocks it out of the park, though.) Congrats again, Alden Ehrenreich. You seem like a nice young man.

McCarthy, Hader, Goldblum Audition for Han Solo