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We Can’t Tell You Why, But Meghan Trainor Sang ‘I Want It That Way’ With the Backstreet Boys

Meghan Trainor may be channeling Britney of late, but it’s the Backstreet Boys that will forever have her ’90s-kid heart. That’s the only plausible explanation for the outpouring of saccharine that occurred on ABC Thursday night, where Trainor sang “I Want It That Way” with the not-a-boy-well-into-being-a-man band on an episode of Greatest Hits. Trainor even did the boy-band shuffle and got serenaded by her one true love, Brian Littrell. There are a few flubs and a heavy dose of cheese in the performance, but the wish-fulfillment factor makes it a little more than a mistake. Take a deep dive into the bucket of corn syrup above.

Meghan Trainor and BSB Sang ‘I Want It That Way’