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Melissa McCarthy Explains Chris Hemsworth Is ‘Crazy Funny’ in Ghostbusters, Which, Look, Maybe You Don’t Want to Believe But You Just Have to Accept

Guys, maybe it’s okay to take a movie at face value, even if one of those faces is really, really ridiculously good-looking. Critics have been torn about virtually every aspect of the new Ghostbusters, including whether Ghostbusters co-star Chris Hemsworth is a gorgeous comedy surprise á la Rose Byrne in Spy or is in fact funnier than the four funniest women America has birthed into this world. While doing the late-night rounds, Melissa McCarthy explained once again that, despite what you might assume based on his looks, Chris Hemsworth is both extremely handsome and an improvisational genius. It turns out, Chris Hemsworth’s face and brain are not connected. Well, they’re certainly connected as they are both parts of his head, but not, you know, directly. Look, the point is, one day in the future our ghostbuster mothers will help us raise our hot, funny babies and no one will blink an eye. Especially not any ghosts, because they’ll all have been busted back to … hell? Is that where the ghosts live?

Melissa McCarthy: Chris Hemsworth Is Crazy Funny