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Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon Want Dogs to Find Themselves Before Getting an Education

Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon set their minds at ease with a distracting word game on Tuesday’s Tonight Show, and boy did the duo’s dark political truths come tumbling out. Indeed, it didn’t take long for a round of “Word Sneak” to loosen their tongues enough for them to spout some bonkers left-wing nonsense: McCarthy and Fallon think dogs should go to college. McCarthy insisted that dogs “deserve college,” and when she interpreted Fallon’s silence as disapproval, she accused the host of wanting “to keep dogs dumb.” Whoa there, Melissa! Jimmy just doesn’t want to usher dogs down a path that might not be the best fit. “They can go to college, or not, or go find yourself for a year, and then go to college,” he said. Or dogs can just rent A Goofy Movie 2! Whatever works.

Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Word Sneak’