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Mumford & Sons Play Blink-182 — the People, Not the Music — in ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ Video

As goes the first act of every teen comedy in all of time, the best way to sell yourself is always by being somebody else. Clearly, Blink-182 has been getting their She’s All That fix, because the band got a makeover for their latest music video, and by makeover, we mean Mumford & Sons appeared in their stead. In the video for “Brohemian Rhapsody,” the folk singers hit the mid-aught look a lot harder than you remember, dumb hats and khaki shorts galore. They even mostly pull it off, that is, until the real Blink-182 (or as real as any Blink-182 formation minus Tom DeLonge can be) appears. Check out the video, above, to see who blinks first.

Mumford & Sons Impersonated Blink-182 in Video