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You Can Soon Run Your Own Drug Cartel Like Pablo Escobar in a Narcos Mobile Game

Paunch and all!

Just like trying to amass fame like Kim Kardashian, you can now try to build an international crime syndicate like Pablo Escobar. Variety reports that Gaumont Television, which produces Narcos for Netflix, is teaming up with game maker FTX Games for Narcos: Cartel Wars, a free mobile game timed to the release of season two of Narcos, which comes to Netflix September 2. In Cartel Wars, the player is an up-and-coming cartel lieutenant who is trying to make his way through the organization by “exhibiting raw power” or “gathering respect through loyalty.” But of course, as any good drug dealer knows, while the download might be free, it’s the in-app game purchases that’ll really get you.

Narcos Mobile Game to Let You Run a Drug Cartel