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The RNC Was Burnin’ Up for Nick Jonas, Reportedly Offered Him $2 Million for a Concert

Photo: 2016 Getty Images

First Justin Bieber, now Nick Jonas … the RNC certainly has a type, huh? Just a few days after it was revealed that the Biebs was offered a hefty $5 million payday to play a 45-minute concert at an RNC-associated event, TMZ reports that Jonas was also offered a cushy $2 million deal to perform at a thank-you show for the people of Cleveland, where the convention was hosted. An unknown “private donor” would’ve paid Jonas directly for the gig, which was described as “an All Lives Matter event.” However, Jonas didn’t need LeBron James (no joke) or his manager to help sway his decision; he was already scheduled to appear at a Roc Nation basketball event in NYC, which rendered him unavailable for all RNC activities that evening. Ball is life, after all.

Nick Jonas Offered $2 Million for RNC Concert