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Other People Trailer: Molly Shannon Plays a Fun Mom With Cancer, Will Probably Make You Cry

Molly Shannon made waves at this year’s Sundance Film Festival with her turn as a mother dying from cancer in Other People. The character is about as far as possible from Shannon’s role as Mary Catherine “Superstar” Gallagher on Saturday Night Live, but SNL still played an important role in the creation of this film. Based on the real life of the film’s director, SNL writer Chris Kelly, the plot follows a young, gay comedy writer home as he cares for his mother. Jesse Plemons, who has a good habit of appearing in critically beloved TV shows (Fargo, Friday Night Lights), stars as the aforementioned son. Meanwhile, Bradley Whitford and June Squibb do their part in supporting roles to make sure you laugh as you cry at just how human death makes all of us. Other People hits theaters September 9.

Other People Trailer: It’s a Weepie One