Paul Feig Is Producing an Insane Film About Supermodels Stranded in a Chilean Snowstorm

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Photo: J. Countess/Getty Images

This movie has everything: Supermodels! Chile! Drugs! Snowstorms! Upscale ski resorts! And now, it has Paul Feig. Adapted from an Elle magazine article written by Mickey Rapkin, Feig has signed on to produce — but not direct — Paramount’s forthcoming Supermodel Snowpocalypse alongside frequent collaborator Jessie Henderson. The article, which was published earlier this year, chronicles two sisters, a photographer, ad executives, and a handful of models (including Jerry Hall) who traveled to Chile in 1977 for a fur-themed photo shoot only to be trapped in their posh ski resort after a massive snowstorm hit. Despite having a drug-fueled, raging Studio 54–esque time for a week in confinement, the group soon planned a near-deadly escape to return to civilization. Fashion, man …

Paul Feig Producing Film About Stranded Models