tca 2016

Rectify’s Final Season Will Have a Big Reveal

As we prepare for the fourth and final season of Rectify, SundanceTV’s simmering pot of a Southern family drama, the show’s creator, Ray McKinnon, has promised that “something is going to be revealed for sure” about whether star Aden Young’s Daniel actually did commit the decades-old murder of his high-school girlfriend, which served as the catalyst for the series. Speaking on Sunday at the Television Critics Association, McKinnon joked that the writers decided to “reveal it in the first episode that he killed her,” but then he turned serious. Although the final season, which premieres October 26, both did and did not end the way McKinnon expected, he says “hopefully … how we deal with that will leave you  in a Rectify way  satisfied.”

Check out the trailer for the final season here: