Rick and Morty’s Re-creation of an Actual Murder Trial Exchange Just Seems Like a Lost Episode

We’ve come in on almost a year without any new episodes of Rick and Morty, so let this sate you. At San Diego Comic-Con, Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland re-created an actual pretrial exchange between a defendant and a judge that recently went viral for being completely bizarre. The real exchange was between the honorable J. Bryant Durham Jr. and defendant Denver Fenton Allen. Allen was charged with murder, but he really didn’t like his court-appointed attorney, accusing him of throwing the case because Allen wouldn’t allow him to perform fellatio on him. And that’s not even the weird part! Allen then got into a back and forth with the judge that quickly veered out of control. You can read the transcript here, or you can just let Justin Roiland recreate it for you with Morty as the judge and Rick as the defendant. We’re pretty sure this exists in some dimension in some timeline.

Rick and Morty Re-create a Murder Trial Exchange