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Did You Catch That Rick and Morty Easter Egg in the Justice League Trailer?

Batman gon’ give it to ya.

The Justice League trailer might have moody lighting, but it has jokes. Lots of ‘em! One of them is a very special little Easter egg for fans of Rick and Morty, your favorite inter-dimensional cartoon-adventure show. Rick and Morty can go anywhere: the universe in the Zygirion simulation, and the universe within the simulation, and then the universe within the simulation within the simulation. So of course they can make an appearance in the Justice League trailer. One Twitter user spotted the reference when Batfleck is talking to the Flash, played by Ezra Miller:

A+ reference Zack Snyder and/or production assistant! Ezra Miller’s character would definitely watch Rick and Morty, and you’ll also remember that this is the episode where Summer works as a sales clerk in Satan’s curio shop, only to have things go bad. (He’s evil!) So to get back at him, Rick and Summer get jacked to the tune of DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” and go beat him up. Basically, they do the cartoon version of getting real swole before meting out some vigilante justice, so, you know, it’s thematically appropriate!

And yes, show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are thrilled:

Rick & Morty Shout-out in Justice League Trailer