David Spade Will Preside Over Comedy Central Roast of Forever-Heartthrob Rob Lowe

A love affair that started more than 20 years ago on the set of Tommy Boy will now fulfill its destiny by becoming a Comedy Central Roast. David Spade will take the mantle of roast master and preside over an organized ribbing of his friend Rob Lowe, for a special that will air on September 5. Lowe is a prime candidate for good-natured public humiliation, and those brought on to skewer him will be able to draw from his rich history as a womanizer and hard partier during those halcyon Brat Pack days. But he’s also still totally famous in a current and respectable way, remains distractingly handsome, is happily married, and has been sober for 26 years and counting, which means his enlisted executioners can say all kinds of hilarious, horrible things about him that we don’t have to feel guilty for laughing at. Thanks for succeeding, Rob Lowe. You’re really making it easy on us.

David Spade to Roast Rob Lowe on Comedy Central