The Russo Brothers Plan to Adapt The Warriors for Hulu and Paramount, and Of Course You Can Dig It

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paramount TV and Hulu are taking a big programming swing, specifically with a baseball bat that has a nail driven through it. According to Deadline, the Russo Brothers and writer Frank Baldwin are adapting Walter Hill’s 1979 gang-fight cult classic The Warriors, based on the titular Sol Yurick* novel, into a one-hour drama filled with “grit, pulp, sex, and violence.” Having just directed Captain America: Civil War, the project gives Anthony and Joe Russo a brief respite from the Marvel Cinematic Universe before they dive back in with Avengers: Infinity War Part I and II. Please pray that the Infinity War screenwriters don’t have The Warriors characters somehow make a cinematic crossover. No human mind could survive the challenge. That’s like 100 freaks in top hats and leather vests to emotionally ground.

* This post initially misstated the name of the author of The Warriors novel. It has since been corrected.

Russo Brothers to Adapt The Warriors for Hulu