Samantha Bee Takes a Closer Look at Clinton’s ‘Nilla Wafer’ VP Pick Tim Kaine

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee looks at Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine, who on the surface seems less like an exciting, progressive candidate and more like Clinton is “trying to set America up with the son of a coworker she barely knows.” But a closer look at Kaine’s stances – not to mention the way he’s angered Republicans by giving speeches in Spanish – reveals that he has “so much humanity, it’s actually flowing into Hillary” and maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t a terrible choice. “Is it possible that Hillary nailed this?” Bee asks. “Her safe, boring slice of white bread is actually kind of exhilarating, like a Ferrari minivan with airbags!”

Samantha Bee Takes a Closer Look at Clinton’s ‘Nilla […]