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Samuel L. Jackson Tries to Make Some Sense Out of Game of Thrones

Looks like Samuel L. Jackson has graduated from motherf*cking snakes on a motherf*cking plane to motherf*cking dragons in a motherf*cking desert. Jackson narrated a beginner’s guide to Game of Thrones for all of the total plebes out there who have spent the last while hiding under an Iron Throne — yes, the titular throne is made of iron, you beautiful, pure-hearted newbies! Jackson’s recap starts with the promise of dragon “fuckers” and ends with the appearance of said “fucking dragons.” Oh, and he also covers the bits with murder and incest and battles and winter and such. All in all, it’s a way better lay of the land than when your dad drones out the Monopoly rules before you get the game started.

Samuel L. Jackson Recaps Game of Thrones