scrotal no more

Netflix’s Scrotal Recall Has a New, Scrotum-Free Name

Scrotal Recall
To Scrotal to last. Photo: Brian Sweeney/Netflix

Scrotal Recall, that Netflix show that got up in everyone’s email one time, is Scrotal no more. At the Television Critics Association press tour today, Netflix announced that the British import will go by Lovesick when it returns for its second season on November 17. The new title is a safer for work and still appropriate for the show, a charming and low-key romantic comedy about a guy who contracts an STD and has to revisit his past sexual partners, but also, it’s kinda lame. In protest, we’ll just call it The Series Formerly Known As Scrotal Recall from now until the word “scrotal” stops being funny. So, forever.

Scrotal Recall Has a New Name