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The Edge of Seventeen Trailer: Hailee Steinfeld Needs to Work on Her Sexts, and Her Run-on Sentences

Finally, a movie about the sexting etiquette problems facing our teens. That movie, The Edge of Seventeen, stars Hailee Steinfeld as a total loser (read: moderately uncool teen) whose best friend (Haley Lu Richardson) and megapopular brother (Everybody Wants Somes!!’s Blake Jenner) fall in like, while Steinfeld herself pines after another way-too-hot-for-high-school hottie. Kyra Sedgwick shows up as Steinfeld’s mother/bane of her existence, while Woody Harrelson is a disaffected teacher who does not like getting hit up for guidance by his disaffected students while on his lunch break — fair! Teachers are our most undervalued resource, after all. The Edge of Seventeen: What happens when “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” meets emo. The first trailer is below; the film is out November 18.

See the Trailer for The Edge of Seventeen