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Watch the Simpsons Decide They’re Voting for Hillary Clinton

While it’s unclear whether or not Springfield is in one of the all-important swing states this election cycle, America can rest assured knowing that two of its yellow four-fingered citizens have made up their minds. In a short released by The Simpsons, Homer and Marge turn to a television ad paid for by “the Americans who are really starting to miss Obama” to help them decide which is the better candidate. Spoofing Hillary Clinton’s 2008 “3 A.M.” campaign commercial, which asked voters to consider who they would want in the White House if an international crisis happened during the night (at that time, the answer was not Hillary), the cartoon followed that idea to what it might look like if both Clinton and Trump received calls at that hour from the Situation Room. Hillary snatches the red phone from Bill in her scenario, while Donald Trump ignores his call in favor of tweeting, “Elizabeth Warren tweets too much. Glad I exiled her.” That’s enough to convince Marge that she’s with Hillary and she knows how to change Homer’s vote as well. 

The Simpsons Are Voting for Hillary Clinton