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SNL’s Michael Che Tries to Catch All of the ‘Rare Minorities’ at the RNC With ‘Trumpémon’

Whew, what a time to be Michael Che at the RNC. He’s had an awkward chat with Chris Matthews about his favorite black comedian (Bill Cosby! kidding, kidding), and in his off time, he tries to catch all of the “rare minorities” at the Republican National Convention! Don’t see this as a negative: He’s trying to save them! As Che tries to put another black man into his Pokéball (Trumpéball?), the man interprets the hand gesture as some sort of signal and tries to mimic it. What is he trying to communicate? Is he asking, What are we both doing here? Help? They’ve taken over my body and used me as a token minority also!

SNL’s Michael Che Catches ‘Minorities’ at RNC