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Spike’s Upcoming That Awkward Game Show Is Worthy of Its Name

If the name That Awkward Game Show brings to mind a ‘60s-golden-era game show, except with more silly dance moves and allusions to bathroom behavior, then clearly you don’t know Spike. According to Deadline, the channel’s first foray into the genre will be hosted by Jeff Dye, and will feature parents and children attempting to reveal each other’s embarrassing secrets, like where said child was conceived. The premise sounds a lot like Newlyweds meets Maury: The game pits three parent–child teams against each other, with each player trying to discern which “uncomfortable, often outrageous, previously unknown truth” belongs to their family member. This game, in which one duo wins a cash prize and everyone loses some dignity, has already taped 11 episodes. 

Spike Has a New Cringeworthy Game Show