Stephen Colbert Brought His Hunger Games Character to the DNC, and It Didn’t Climax With Hillary Clinton Shooting an Arrow Into Her Rival’s Heart

Just as he did for the Republicans, Stephen Colbert visited the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this weekend in character as the Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman, a guy who knows something about brutal competitions that end with a no-nonsense woman on top. He gave us a tour of the convention, past the concession stand — Bernie Sanders’s least-favorite part of any arena — and down to the lower levels, which are “the intestinal tract of the Democratic party … where all their ideals will eventually be excreted in the form of a viable candidacy.” Then he tried to crash the stage, only to find that even the assistance of Nancy Pelosi couldn’t get him up there — proof the DNC isn’t entirely run by the whims of party elites.

Colbert Brings His Hunger Games Character to DNC