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Stephen Colbert Starts the RNC Off at a 10 Out of 10 on the Insanity Scale by Hijacking the Mic As Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman

Look, you were already hyperventilating into a paper bag over this week’s Republican National Covention. Surely that bag can handle a few giggles. Stephen Colbert cranked the RNC Ridiculous-o-Meter to an 11 before its official opening day by seemingly crashing the stage, riffing on this year’s “Hungry for Power Games” in costume as the Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman, who of course was the host of a game show in which teenagers murder each other. As Colbert joked before being escorted off, “I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.” Of course, the only thing more surreal than an unsanctioned Hunger Games prank comparing Donald Trump and Mike Pence to citizens of a bizarre, violent dystopia would be if said prank was sanctioned by the RNC. Either way, looks like you’re gonna need a bigger bag!

Stephen Colbert Prank Crashes the RNC Stage