last night on late night

Let Stephen Colbert Give You a Tour of the RNC Convention Arena As the Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman. Please Check Your Pants Weasels at the Door.

According to Poe’s Law, without a winking smiley or some other blatantly obvious display of humor, it is utterly impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t assume is the real thing. Good thing the Late Show has an ample dead ferret and ridiculous wig budget, because the RNC is here and there are not a ton of winking smileys to be had. If you saw the tiny grainy video of Stephen Colbert as the Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman hijacking the convention mic yesterday, you’ll be pleased to know that Stephen Colbert did take the stage … however, pretty much no one was there to see it. Enjoy it as an amuse-bouche to the week ahead, and, as always, have fun on your Mystery Date.

Here’s Colbert’s Full RNC Hunger Games Bit