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Stephen Colbert Welcomes You to the DNC With a Trippy Song and Dance

Proving that he is most in his element when he can run wild in the political arena (literally), Stephen Colbert brought The Late Show to the Democratic National Convention. He started his coverage with a bite of Philadelphia’s most famed cuisine, which led him on a rather groovy “cheese-steak jamboree” trip to the psychedelic, free-love liberal haven that is the Wells Fargo Center during the DNC. As the song, titled “Death. Taxes. Hillary,” promised, “the party of the donkey got funky” with animations and plenty of Hair-inspired wardrobe pieces and dance moves. From there the night kept the zany energy: Stephen Colbert, as his Hunger Games character, attempted to storm the podium, and later his guest Allison Janney caught him unexpectedly with a full-blown make-out session.

Stephen Colbert Welcomes You to His Wild DNC