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Rob Corddry Reveals Stephen Colbert’s Tip for a Perfect Tie Knot

You know how every time you tie a tie you feel stupid? You know how ties look from photographs of old people, but you look in the mirror at what you’ve done and think, What have I done? The knot looks like you covered a pile of snakes with a patterned silk blanket and, not only that, but it’s not big enough for the shirt’s collar, so it looks like one of the snakes is getting out. Stephen Colbert will put an end to that feeling and replace it with a new feeling — confidence. Last night on the Late Show, Rob Corddry recalls the one tie-tying tip Colbert gave him. And because the Late Show is televised, Colbert is now giving it to you. Use it well. With great power comes great responsibili-tie.

Stephen Colbert’s Tip for a Perfect Tie Knot