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Steven Soderbergh Is Working on a Film About the Panama Papers

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Hollyweird loves a good trail-of-documents movie, so a big screen take on the Panama Papers was a given. Now we know what man has the job of making a file dump look cinematic, and it’s actively working filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. According to Deadline, Soderbergh is producing and possibly directing a film about the international data leak, to be based around Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jake Bernstein’s upcoming book Secrecy World. Scott Z. Burns, who worked with Soderbergh on Contagion, The Informant! and Side Effects, is also set to produce, as well as to pen the script. The Panama Papers refers to the over 11 million documents that surfaced in a hack of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, revealing the financial dealings of the rich and powerful, many of which were — gasp!— illegal. Okay then, time to dream-cast Emma Watson! Is Alexis Neiers around for some symmetry?

Steven Soderbergh at Work on Panama Papers Film