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Heard About Houston? Heard About Detroit? Heard About Documentary Now!’s Upcoming Stop Making Sense Parody?

Photo: Getty Images, Talking Heads

I guess we can say this is truly a … once in a lifetime television program. (Sorry.) When Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s Documentary Now! returns for its second season in the fall, they’ll be bringing along fellow SNL alum Maya Rudolph for another eclectic music-centric episode à la the Blue Jean Committee. The three are currently filming “Test Pattern,” which will parody the seminal, Jonathan Demme–directed 1984 Talking Heads concert documentary, Stop Making Sense. The episode will feature an eponymous hit band consisting of Armisen, Hader, and Rudolph  that performs “a riveting, high-energy final concert to an eager audience of fans.” Armisen has also reportedly written original songs. The suits will be big; the dance moves will be wild.

Documentary Now! to Parody Stop Making Sense