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T.J. Miller Finds the Perfect Picture to Express His Feelings With the Animated Emoji Movie

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During Silicon Valley’s hiatus, T.J. Miller will take a break from a character that insults old people, to take up a role in a movie that will, most likely, insult all sensible people. On World Emoji Day (that’s July 17), Sony Animation announced on Twitter that Miller has been cast in the studio’s EmojiMovie: Express Yourself, which again is a real movie some adults will be forced to watch because abandoning small children at theaters, regardless of their terrible taste, is [red angry emoji] frowned upon. Miller is cast to voice Gene, “an exuberant, optimistic emoji that was supposed to be a ‘meh’ emoji, just like his parents” reports Entertainment Weekly. “However, he was born with a glitch that gives him multiple expressions that are out of his control.”

In the announcement tweet (see below), Sony released a fake Miller audition tape with the actor portraying different disembodied faces and food items. “Here’s the money emoji that has the wing,” Miller says halfway through, “just imagine dollar signs on my eyes when I think about getting this part.” Truer words, Miller, truer words.      

T.J. Miller to Voice a Face in Emoji Movie