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Let Your Heart Triple Axel With Joy: Tara Lipinski Is Developing a TV Drama About Figure Skating

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Will Johnny Weir be involved?

Intense pressure, sparkly outfits, teens — the sport of figure skating has all you need to make a good TV show, and finally, finally, we might just get one. Figure-skating and hat-wearing gold medalist Tara Lipinski has signed on to produce a figure-skating drama with producer Michael Shamberg and writer Jonathan Igla (Masters of Sex, Mad Men) for Hulu. The series will focus on the “women and men in their teens and twenties who sacrifice normal life for that sweepstakes shot at immortality,” and yes, Lipinski promised that it’ll bring all the drama: “To the average observer, figure skating appears to be an extremely elegant and undeniably beautiful sport — and for good reason … But when you begin to peel back the layers of this world, a more complex, and even shocking, picture emerges.” The series doesn’t have a name yet, so for now we’ll just call it Make It or Break It on Ice.

Tara Lipinski, Hulu Developing a Skating Drama