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Cara Delevingne Pranked Taylor Swift’s July 4th Party — But Checked With Taylor in Advance, of Course

Cara Delevingne may be the scariest thing to ever come to Rhode Island. During Taylor Swift’s infamous Fourth of July party, Delevingne led a “ghost crew” prank team consisting of herself, Uzo Aduba, and Ruby Rose to scare Kesha and the Haim sisters, who were also in attendance at the event. Of course, they also had to tell Tom and Taylor about the prank in advance, “because the security is massive so we don’t want to get shot.” If you’re wondering if this new info changes our July 4th investigation, it does not, as any late-night anecdote is by definition unreal.

But if you were wondering why James Corden is rocking some serious brow definition, here, at least, is an answer to that:

Taylor Swift’s July 4th Party Got Pranked