emmys 2016

The Americans Finally Got Some Major Emmys Attention

Zdravstvuyte! Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/FX

Looks like those Emmy voters opened their screeners and actually watched The Americans for once. After toiling away in excellent obscurity for three seasons, FX’s spy drama earned five nominations this morning, several of them in major categories: Best Drama, Best Actress (for Keri Russell), Best Actor (for Matthew Rhys), Best Guest Actress (for Margo Martindale), and Best Writing (for “Persona Non Grata,” the season finale). Last year, the series scored a nomination for writing and its first win for Martindale. Before that, it had only been nominated for Guest Actress (twice, for Martindale; the people love Character Actress Margo Martindale), and Main Title Theme Music. Perhaps there was some plan to go into sleeper mode for three years and then suddenly burst onto the scene. Game of Thrones, you might want to go see if there are any bugs in your office’s mail robot.

Hey, Emmy Voters Finally Watched The Americans