True Gender Equality Has Been Achieved: There’s a Female Slimer in Ghostbusters After All

More like, “I’m not afraid of no equality,” right? You didn’t know gender parity would look like a cross between Slimer and John Travolta in the Hairspray remake if he were a blonde, but honestly, that makes about as much sense as anything else. The new Ghostbusters TV spot, “The Slimers,” is terrifically brief but seemingly suggests that a female Slimer not only exists, but is maybe Slimer’s wife? Or possibly his sister or mother? Either way, they look really happy. It’s also useful to learn that apparently bouffants, lipstick, and blush will survive your dark descent into, and unholy emergence from, the grave! Ladies who are planning their funeral looks already, you’re welcome.

There Is a Female Slimer in Ghostbusters