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Third Eye Blind Trolled the Hell Out of the RNC, Remain Semi-Charming

Star 106.5 Cap City Concert Series - Third Eye Blind And Nate Ruess
Brilliant. Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

In the great troll that is Donald Trump running for president, it’s hard to know what to believe. Did Melania Trump plagiarize Michelle Obama and My Little Pony? Has Laura Benanti been Melania Trump this whole time? Have Third Eye Blind been sent from the ‘90s to infiltrate and destroy the GOP? Years ago, those semi-charmed Cali rockers swore off playing any shows associated with the RNC, as front man Stephan Jenkins opined in the Huffington Post, “This is not my mom’s Republican Party anymore.” Fast forward four years and it’s still not, but now Jenkins has the master plan to make the GOP great again: Troll the hell out of it.

On Tuesday night, Third Eye Blind headlined a charity event in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which you might say was ostensibly sponsored by the Republican National Convention, via the RIAA and AT&T, to entertain its attendees with “pro-American anthems.” Well, nothing screams “Republican Party” like a pro-LGBTQ, pro-science rock show. Presenting Stephan Jenkins, American hero:

The band reportedly played only one hit, “Jumper,” during which Jenkins mocked the Republican crowd with such innocent banter as, “Raise your hand if you believe in science,” to nothing but boos. (They even played the Republican-shaming “Non-Dairy Creamer,” for good measure.) And while Third Eye Blind haven’t explicitly taken their due credit for the troll just yet, their tweets say it all:

Update: At last, Third Eye Blind have released a statement on their viral troll:

Third Eye Blind Trolled the Hell Out of the RNC