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Timothy Olyphant Will Not Play Peon to Conan O’Brien’s Late-Night Machiavelli

Gather around the fire youngins, because Father Vulture has some bad news to bear: TV is not real. Now, some people will tell you that’s fine. Some people, TV’s Conan O’Brien among them, will tell you it’s cool to “just play along” when Sturgill Simpson has already filmed his performance and now Conan has to pretend to introduce him like he’s in the room. And you, agreeable, gullible, not-wanting-to-cause-any-trouble you, might even go along with the charade. But that’s why society has its rebels, its free thinkers, its Timothy Olyphants. Because Timothy Olyphant isn’t afraid to knock your complacency loose. He’ll tell you: “This is bullshit!” So thank your lucky stars for Timothy Olyphant — even if his moral outrage about the illusions of the boob tube is a touch surprising. He was on The Grinder, after all.

Timothy Olyphant Will Not Stand for Conan’s Lies