Trevor Noah Covers the ‘Make America Fear Again’ Themed First Night of the RNC

The Daily Show kicked off its first night of RNC coverage last night, and Trevor Noah pointed out that Monday night’s convention theme “Make America Safe Again” was really just “Make America Fear Again” – a night full of xenophobic and racist rants, fear mongering, and bizarre moments like when the speakers and crowd praised the acquittal of the cop who killed Freddie Gray last year. “I’m not saying no one has the right to be afraid. I’m not even saying that feelings are inconsequential,” Noah says. “But you cannot complain about America being afraid, though, when you are the same people frightening it.” Noah argues that we shouldn’t be criticizing Melania Trump for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech when it was the only speech that night that was actually hopeful and optimistic instead of preying on people’s fears and prejudices: “You know what? If that’s what it takes to bring America together and have a positive message, then take everything! Go ahead!”

Trevor Noah Covers the ‘Make America Fear Again’ […]