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Today in ‘Quit Playing Our Music’ News: Donald Trump Asked to Stop Playing Air Force One Score

Photo: Ida Mae Astute/Getty Images

Donald Trump can’t always get what he wants. After both Queen and the Rolling Stones spoke out last week against the Republican presidential nominee for using their songs without permission, now a producer from Air Force One is asking Trump to quite playing the 1997 film’s score on the campaign trail. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Gail Katz claimed that Trump never asked to use the movie’s soundtrack, and it was her belief that the score’s writer, the deceased prolific composer Jerry Goldsmith, would not have appreciated his music being “hijacked” for these purposes. The epic swell of the blockbuster’s soundtrack has been used throughout the campaign, but most recently it backed Trump’s helicopter entrance to the Republican National Convention as a means to give the politician that cool, heroic vibe of another septuagenarian, Harrison Ford. Goldsmith’s agent, Richard Kraft, said, “From everything I know about Jerry Goldsmith’s political views, he would have been extremely unhappy with Trump co-opting his art to sell his image.” Is it too late for John Oliver’s Usher-led supergroup to add another verse to “Don’t Use Our Song?”

Air Force One Doesn’t Want Trump Using Its Score