AMC Renews Turn for a Fourth and Final Season, So the Revolution Won’t Be Televised for Much Longer

Jamie Bell as Abe Woodhull - TURN: Washington's Spies _ Season 3, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC
A time to air, a time to be cancelled.

To every show (TurnTurnTurn!) there is a final season. AMC has announced that its Revolutionary War–set spy drama will end after a fourth and final season, which will premiere in 2017. The network reworked the series several times — changing its name from Turn to the supposedly clearer Turn: Washington’s Spies, and in this past season, introducing Alexander Hamilton on the heels of that whole Hamilton phenomenon — but the show never found a sizable audience. Perhaps those upstart chaps in the Continental Army will find a way to win the war in its fourth season, and perhaps Jamie Bell will go back to being Hollywood’s favorite big-budget sidekick.

Turn Renewed for a Fourth and Final Season