Vivian Kubrick Hates Your Moon-Landing Theories

Buzz Aldrin Poses next To The U.S. flag On Moon
Photo: NASA/Getty Images

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of director Stanley Kubrick, is not amused by your belief that her father faked the moon landing using his mad 2001: A Space Odyssey skills. As far as conspiracy theories go, this one, which makes crackpots feel both cultured (the super-secret symbolic meaning in the The Shining!) and scientific (space and what we remember from high-school physics!), has long been an internet darling. And hey, it’s true: That footage from 1969 was pretty darn trippy. Yet, for Vivian Kubrick, the idea is an affront to her father’s artistic integrity. In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Vivian unleashed a well-reasoned post explaining that her father, an avant-garde and controversial creator, would never join forces with the U.S. government for the sake of Space Race propaganda. She wrote, “How could anyone believe that one of the greatest defenders of mankind would commit such an act of betrayal?” ending the rant by claiming that the idea of the conspiracy is “a grotesque lie.” Meanwhile, Vivian’s statement is just another win for NASA, which is having a bit of a moment right now.

Re: Faked Moon Landings
Many people have asked me about this. And this feels like the right time to respond … — Vivian Kubrick (@ViKu1111) July 5, 2016