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Christoph Waltz and Jimmy Kimmel Audition for Siegfried & Roy Movie, But Only One Man Can Have the Privilege of Being Mauled by a Tiger

Cursed nice guy Christoph Waltz suffers for being too good an actor as a Nazi in Inglourious Basterds and has trouble getting parts that aren’t evil, so given the news that there’s going to be a movie about Siegfried & Roy, he jumps at the chance to throw his hat into the ring. Of course, being partnered with Jimmy Kimmel at the audition means that both men have no choice but to go “method magician,” which in this case just means committing to wearing bedazzled costumes with plunging necklines and refusing to give up the Roy part. Waltz refuses to budge, until the atrocity of Kimmel’s German accent scares everyone away — even the Siberian tiger toy wants to scream, “Nein!”

Waltz & Kimmel Audition to Be Siegfried & Roy