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Get Drunk With Happiness Watching the Bloopers From Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode’s The Wine Show

Let this adorable blooper reel from Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode’s The Wine Show serve as an official PSA to every single American television network currently in existence. This is the show we need, and the show we deserve, goddammit. PBS, you don’t want to program more Grantchester reruns? Pick up The Wine Show. Hey, USA, need something fresh as a lead-in to Mr. Robot? Might we recommend this handsome duo as they giggle their way through lush European vineyards. Netflix, my sweet, sweet Netflix, you’ll give the green light to anything these days. Start. Streaming. The. Wine. Show. Something this good — and easy on the eyes — has to come across the pond.

Watch Adorable Outtakes From The Wine Show