This Is What It’s Like to Watch SNL If You’re a Comedian Who’s Not on It

Intrigued by our glowing review of Don’t Think Twice or our recent profile of the film’s writer-director-star, comedian Mike Birbiglia? Then you’ll want to check out this exclusive clip from the film, which follows six members of an improv-comedy group whose tight-knit friendships begin to unravel after one of them is cast on a high-profile Saturday Night Live–type show. In this clip, which comes early in the film, the comedians (who include Keegan-Michael Key and Gillian Jacobs) gather for their weekly ritual of watching Weekend Live with a wry remove, while at the same time craving the success being on the show can bring. What would it do to these six ambitious people if a single one of them experienced that skyrocketing profile, while the other five were left behind? Birbiglia isn’t afraid to shine his magnifying glass on the complicated feelings of jealousy and insecurity that arise among these talented folks, and for that reason, Don’t Think Twice is a memorable must-see opening this weekend in limited release, expanding to Los Angeles and Chicago on July 29, and opening wide the following week.

Watch an Exclusive Clip From Don’t Think Twice