Take a Wild Ride in Courtney Barnett’s Elevator With Sleater-Kinney, Jeff Tweedy, and Just a Few More Randos

The toughest song Courtney Barnett had to write to get her Grammy nom (okay, that probably wasn’t her intention, but hey!) was “Elevator Operator,” just your everyday story about a dude in an elevator with some woman who’s convinced he’s trying to kill himself. Turns out visualizing that whole bonkers scenario isn’t so tough when you’ve got friends like Sleater-Kinney, Jeff Tweedy and his son, and a bunch of famous Aussies. They all cameo in the song’s video, an Inception-inspired ride on Barnett’s boring elevator where nothing happens except maybe fiery magic tricks, partying nuns, and, uh, a woman who can’t keep her hands (or shoe) off the emergency button. Just you wait till Barnett gets to the roof.

Watch Courtney Barnett’s Cameo-Filled New Video